SNAP Release Notes

SNAP v2.64
– Added support for 64-bit Windows.
– Bug Fix: angular rate initial conditions were not adjustable because of a broken link between the GUI and the internal models, GUI input now properly sets the internal values.
– Tested working on 64-bit Windows 7 and 64-bit MATLAB R2011b runing on
AMD and Intel PCs.
– Tested working on 32-bit Windows XP and MATLAB R2010b runing on
3GHz Intel E8400 Core2Duo, 3GB RAM.

SNAP v2.0 
– Improved Hysteresis Model (continuous curve in place of parallelogram model)
– Shorter time step for higher accuracy, at the cost of simulation duration
– Simulink model allows user torques and forces. Open OES_r2.mdel in Simulink.

SNAP v1.1
– Support for older versions of MATLAB.
– Compiled and tested using MATLAB 2009a, tested and known working on 2010b.
– Aerospace Blockset dependency eliminated.

SNAP v1.0
– Initial release
– Compiled for 32-bit windows. Tested on MATLAB 2010b, WinXP SP3, 3GHz Intel E8400 Core2Duo, 3GB RAM.
– Expected to work on MATLAB 2010a, 1GB RAM.
– Aerospace Blockset dependency removed from Simulink model, however there remains an Aerospace Toolbox dependency in ground track plotting script.

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