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We appreciate any help we can get in finding and tracking KySat-1 once it gets in orbit.  Please find all the necessary information below.  Also, if you do catch some packets or beacons please send any related data (decoded packets, audio recordings, etc.) to ssl [at] engr [dot] uky [dot]edu


Mission Information

More information can be found about KySat-1 can be found here
More information on the other CubeSats on this mission can be found here

Tracking Information

These are preliminary TLEs for the ELaNa mission (Updated for March 4 Launch):

1 99999U 00000 11063.43259919 0.00000000 00000-0 00000-0 0 0002
2 99999 97.9564 8.4412 0007658 67.0214 113.6793 14.77265551000007

We will update this page with better TLEs as soon as we acquire or generate more accurate ones, stay tuned.

Last updated (11:30 EST,  Feb 22, 2011)

Beacon Information

Frequency: 436.790 MHz

CW Beacon

FM modulated pseudo-CW beacon every five minutes.  The frequency of the audio signal is 400 Hz @ 32 wpm.  The message is encoded using ITU-R M.1677 International Morse Code.  The message that will be transmitted is “KYSAT-1”  followed by the battery voltage to the tenth volt, e.g. “7.8v”, and the processor temperature to the hundredth degree C,  e.g. “12.34C”, i.e. an entire sample message will look like “KYSAT-1 7.8v 12.34C”.

Here is an MP3 of the CW beacon: K1_CW_Beacon
It should decode as:  KYSAT-1 65.5V 24.16C

AX.25 Digital Beacon

FM modulated AX.25 encoded digital beacon every 2.5 minutes.  The digital beacon consists of a header, six binary-coded decimal numbers separated by commas, and a 8 “bit” bitfield consisted of eight ascii bytes showing either a “1” or “0”.

  • The header is “T#”
  • The BCD are three digit numbers which correspond to, in order:
    • Number of digital beacons issued up to 999 at which point it rolls back to 000
    • Battery voltage in decivolts, i.e 086 corresponds to 8.6 volts
    • Battery temperature in Celcius, offset by -100, i.e. 000 means -100C, 120 means 20C, 255 means 155C, etc.
    • Battery 1 current in centiamps, i.e. 086 means 0.86 amps
    • Same as above except for Battery 2
    • Processor temperature in Celcius, offset by -100, i.e. 000 means -100C, 120 means 20C, 255 means 155C, etc.
  • The bitfield is eight “1” or “0” which will display a “1” if during the current day, from left to right:
    • Packet Received
    • Autonomous Command Executed
    • DTMF Command Received
    • Audio File Played
    • Picture Taken
    • Packet Received but Not Addressed to Satellite
    • Battery 1 Currently Charging
    • Battery 2 Currently Charging

i.e. a complete packet will look like:  T#120,086,120,086,086,115,10001111

Here is an MP3 of the digital beacon: K1_Digital_Beacon
It should decode as: T#038,143,226,025,025,124,10010111

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