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Astronautical Development Lithium 1 UHF Radio

Astronautical Development Lithium 1 UHF Radio

Overview: The KySat-2 will be equipped with a Astronautical Development Lithium 1 UHF Radio.  As a receiver, the radio will receive RF signals from antennas and filter out the information.  As a transmitter, the radio will receive data from the C&DH and transmit it out as RF signals.  Communications with the C&DH will be performed using the UART protocol.  The radio will be directly connected to battery for transmitter and require 3.3V power from the EPS.  The antennas on the KySat-2 will have circular polarization to provide a constant RF signal despite satellite orientation.


  • Capable of communicating with C&DH 8051F912 through UART.
    • —Derived Requirement: 9.6kbps interface rate, 3.3V level.
    • —Secondary E/PO Requirement: Reduced data rate to 1200 baud
  • 3.3V power required from EPS
  • —Direct connection to battery for transmitter
  • —SMA RF connector
  • —> 1.5 W Tx Power
  • —Software Controllable UHF Frequency and Tx Power
  • —Multiple Modulation Modes (FSK/GMSK)


  • Mechanical
    • Mass 52 grams
    • —32 x 62 x 11.12mm
    • —3.3V UART Serial Interface
  • Electrical
    • — FSK/GMSK Modulation
    • — Expected Frequency 436.795 MHz
    • —Max Output of 36 dBm we are using 31.5dBm
    • —Max power setting x 33%eff aprox. 4.5W DC power usage when Tx
    • —37mA @ 3.3V aprox .0125W power usage when Rx
    • Data Rate of 9.6 kbps, AX.25 Protocol

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