Command and Data Handling (C&DH)

Sketch of the C&DH Board

Sketch of the C&DH Board

Goals: The purpose of the Command and Data Handling (C&DH) board is to command the subsystems of KySat-2.  This includes commanding the Beagle Board to perform Earth and Star imaging operations, commanding radio to beacon, transmit data, and change settings, and comanding EPS to power on/off the Beagle Board.  The C&DH is also responsible for data collection and storage from the Beagle Board, gyroscope and magnetometer.  It will also receive ground commands from the radio.  The design philosophy of the C&DH is to utilize a distributed architecture that splits interfacing and processing into two separate functions.  The processing core of the C&DH interprets ground commands and schedules actions, whereas small form-factor, low power-consumption microcontrollers are responsible for communicating with the satellite’s other subsystems.

C&DH Hardware Architecture Design

C&DH Hardware Architecture Design


  • Must comply with Kentucky Space, CubeSat Standard, and ELaNa program requirements.
  • Weight of less than 112 grams.
  • Less than 600mW power required.
  • Mounting holes located 76 mm apart.
  • No larger than 97 mm in the X axis.
  • No larger the 85 mm in the Y axis to allow for cabling.
  • Must include connectors that interface with subsystems.

Subsystem Connections:

  • Power
    • 5V rail from EPS to C&DH
  • —Data
    • —C&DH to EPS
    • —C&DH to Radio (Samtec TFM-105-02)
    • —C&DH to Image Processing Unit (Samtec TFM-105-02)
    • —Must involve a level shifter
    • —C&DH to Programming Board (Samtec EHT-125-01-S-D-SM-LC)


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