Balloon-1 is Kentucky Space’s first high-altitude balloon project.  The main purpose of the Balloon-1 project was to teach the KYSat08 team the importance of mission critical operations by using a low cost, low risk high-altitude balloon.  This teaching opportunity was also extended to middle school students as they launched PearlSats.  Team members worked closely with Bill Brown of High Altitude Research Corporation of Huntsville, Alabama to gain technical knowledge and advice.

Mission Summary:

Balloon-1 was launched on Sunday, July 14, 2008 at 12:26 P.M. Central Time from Bowling Green Airport in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  The balloon ascended to the edge of space, 91,277ft, and recorded the magnetic field, acceleration, pressure, GPS coordinates, and temperature throughout the whole mission.  During the flight, ham radio operators from all over Kentucky and several other states were able to talk to the students over a simplex repeater. The balloon did not follow its predicted flight path and landed several miles away from its predicted landing site. The payload was recovered undamaged from a farm near Scottsvile, Ky by one of our chase teams consisting of Tyler Doering, Dan Erb, Sam Hishmeh and Jason Bratcher.

  • First picture from the edge of space
  • Another photo capture by Balloon-1
  • High-altitude balloon being filled that will carry the payload
  • Kentucky Space students prepare for launch!
  • Group photo Balloon-1 team
  • Kentucky Space Students bringing Balloon-1 hardware to hanger for launch
  • Anthony Karam of SSL displaying PicoSats on the payload string
  • Middle School students constructing PicoSats
  • Students working on Balloon-1 pre-launch
  • Pre-launch meeting with Bill Brown
  • Bill Brown inspecting Balloon-1 pre-launch
  • Students Daniel Erb (left) and Samir Rawashdeh (right) working on Balloon-1 pre-launch
  • Chase team gathers around Balloon-1 for a photo from its onboard camera
  • The owner of the farm where Balloon-1 landed holds the payload
  • Chase team closing in on the landed Balloon-1
  • Tyler Doering attempting to close communication link to Balloon-1
  • Students working on Balloon-1 pre-launch


Balloon-1 Media Coverage:

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