KySat-2 Image Gallery

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  • KySat-2 with panels and antennas deployed.
  • KySat-2 with panels and antennas retracted.
  • Fully built, KySat-2 weighed in at 1.148 kg.
  • SSL lab members Jason Rexroat (left) and Chris Mitchell (right) performing the initial build-up of KySat-2.
  • KySat-2 after initial build-up
  • CGI model of KySat-2
  • Model of KySat-2 using 3D printed parts
  • ChasisMade of anodized aluminum
  • Image Processing Unit (IPU)Responsible for image capturing and signal processing
  • Command and Data Handling (C&DH)Responsible for commanding the subsystems, along with data collection and storage.
  • Astronautical Development Lithium 1 UHF RadioResponsible for communication by transmitting and receiving RF signals
  • Passive Magnetic StabilizationProvides torque to align KySat-2 with Earth's magnetic field.
  • Launch Location
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