SSL Team


Dr. James E. Lumpp, Jr.

Dr. Lumpp is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Kentucky. He received the BSEE and MSEE degrees from the School of Electrical Engineering at Purdue University in 1988 and 1989 respectively, and the PhD from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Iowa in 1993. He joined the faculty at the University of Kentucky in 1993. He is a Member of IEEE, AIAA, ACM, and SWE and the Center for Advanced Networking and the Advanced Science and Technology Commercialization Center at the University of Kentucky. He has worked as a visiting scientist or intern at AT&T Bell Labs, Rockwell International, Northrop Defense Systems Division, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His research interests include distributed embedded systems, safety critical systems, and high-performance distributed computing.


Dr. Samir A. Rawashdeh

srawashdeh.jpgSamir joined the University of Kentucky Space Systems Lab in 2007. He completed his MSc and PhD in Electrical Engineering there, and later worked with the SSL as a post-doctoral research associate. He also joined the Department as an instructor and taught introductory and elective courses on Embedded Systems. He took part in several missions and research projects at theSSL, including CubeSat class satellites, suborbital missions, high altitude balloons, and the CubeLab platform on the ISS. His research efforts have been in Embedded Systems Design and Satellite Attitude Determination and Control Systems. He joined the faculty at the University of Michigan – Dearborn as assistant professor in Fall 2014.

Graduate Students:

Jason Rexroat

jason_rexroat.jpgJason is a graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He joined the Space Systems Lab as a freshman in the Spring of 2009, and obtained his Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering in the Spring of 2013. He has worked on a variety of projects including: hardware design on the NanoRacks/CubeLab ISS payloads, operations lead for CubeLab ISS operations, payload design and chase teams for several balloon missions, software design on the SOCEM/ADAMASat suborbital CubeSat, hardware build on the KySat-1 orbital CubeSat, hardware/software lead on CubeLab Bus/AmesLab payload, and C&DH lead on KySat-2. His research focuses are hardware and software design for embedded systems and fault tolerant avionics.

Timothy Lim

Timothy joined the Space Systems Lab in June 2012. He received his BSEE from the University of Kentucky in May 2013 and is projected to receive a MSEE in December 2014. The projects he has previously been involved in are the AmesLab power board and KySat-2’s Command and Data Handling system. His current project is the development of a modular and scalable electrical power system for CubeSats, which includes solar panel design, battery management, and power distribution and control. His main research area is electronics design.

Undergraduate Students:

Alex Clements

alex_clementsjpg.jpgAlex joined the lab in the winter of 2009. He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Alex has been involved in the KySat-1, KySat-2, AdamaSat, CubeLab, and CubeLab Bus projects and several balloon missions. Alex’s interest involve 3D printing and mechanical design.

Jacob Travis

Jacob joined the lab in the summer of 2013. He is majoring in Electrical Engineering and will get his B.S. in 2014, with the goal of working towards a Master’s degree after. He also has a Computer Science minor. His main interest is in automation. An ideal career for him would be in the fields of automated farming or autonomous vehicle development. Within the lab, he has worked with embedded linux systems as well as PCB Layout design.

Mary Walker

Mary is a Mechanical Engineering Senior who started at the Space Systems Lab in the spring of 2011. She has worked on multiple balloon missions, the CubeLab Standard Bus project, KySat-2 and 3-D printing with the lab. She recently completed an internship with NASA Johnson Space Center during January-July of 2013 where she worked with avionics systems as well as mechanical design, testing and analysis.

Mary Fralick

Mary is an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering major who started working in the lab in October 2012. She has contributed to the mechanical development and environmental testing of KySat-2. Mary has plans to graduate with a B.S. degree in December 2014.

Zach Porter

Zach joined the lab in March 2013. He is pursuing a BS in Electrical Engineering and has worked on the KBUS EPS system in the lab as well as general board layout and design.

Rachel Nevill

Rachel did an internship with the lab in the fall of 2011, and became a member in June 2013. She is a Senior in Mechanical Engineering. Rachel works a lot with the 3-D printers.

Steve Alvarado

Steve is a Senior majoring in Electrical & Computer Engineering and began working for the University of Kentucky Space Systems Lab in the Summer of 2010. As a former Business, Journalism, and Astronomy major his interests remain diversified but has recently focused his attention on Digital System Design, Signal Processing, and Embedded Programming. He has been active in a variety of Lab projects including the Cubelab Bus Standardization and co-leading the construction of UK’s second operational ground station.

Micheal Rexroat

Michael joined the lab in the summer of 2013. He is majoring in Computer Engineering with the goal of getting his B.S. in 2016. He has been involved with development of the KySat-2 Ground Station Software, as well as APRS board design and layout for balloon missions.

Stephen Steinmetz

Stephen joined the lab in the winter of 2012.  He is double majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a goal of getting his B.S in both in 2016.  He has been involved in improving the lab infrastructure and redesigning the SSL webpage.


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